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Megan Strahle at CHS Birmingham: Balancing People and Planet: Putting Your Values on Show, Up Front and Behind the Scenes

Megan Strahle – Sustainability Consultant at The Bulb – attended CHS Birmingham to moderate an expert panel discussing, ‘Balancing People and Planet: Putting Your Values on Show, Up Front and Behind the Scenes.’

Joined by Emma Ord (Emma Ord Event Operations) and Gabrielle Austen-Browne (Diversity Alliance), the panel discussed a range of key topics, including the importance of achieving sustainability equilibrium.

The intersectionality of sustainability is sometimes overlooked, the requirement for environmental, social and governance to be equally balanced in order to meet sustainable equilibrium.

The idea of balancing environmental considerations alongside accessibility, diversity and inclusion can be daunting for an organisation, and often how a brand or a company organises its events, demonstrates what matters to them and how they value resources, engage stakeholders and create legacies.

Alongside organisations, what does it mean for us? And our key stakeholders? How important is it to work at an organisation that mirrors our values, and how do we hold ourselves and our employers to account?

You can learn more about CHS Birmingham by clicking here



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