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Accommodating Invisible Disabilities

Accommodating Invisible Disabilities

Did you know that 1.2 billion people live with a disability, and 70% of those disabilities are classed as invisible. As event organisers, are we doing enough to accommodate this group?

The Bulb’s Sustainability Consultant, Meg Strahle, has created a unique guide, bringing together research, best practice and interviews with experts and those with lived experience. This document provides thought-provoking insights and a framework to producing events that are positive experiences for everyone.

Birmingham Bull

Birmingham Ceremonies Sustainability and Social Values Report 2022

The Birmingham Opening and Closing Ceremonies were bookends to the most- watched Commonwealth Games in history. The Bulb were responsible for creating and implementing a robust sustainability and social values strategy, throughout the planning, design and delivery of the two shows, creating an inclusive and carbon-neutral legacy for the West Midlands.

This report sets out the 18 strategic commitments, how targets were built into the operational delivery of the Ceremonies, the learnings and successes of driving a positive impact across the local community and economy, as well as setting a benchmark for the industry.

The bulb lockdown guide

Sustainability, Safety and Events in a Post-Lockdown Era

The Covid-19 pandemic has already changed the way everyone plans and executes events and adapts to new ways of living and socialising. As we look towards the recommencement of live events and find ways to rebuild and recover our economy and daily lives, we have a window of opportunity to shape the future of experiences and events.

This Guide is a framework for identifying the ‘New Normal’ and proposes ways to lower an events’ impact. It is a tool to support event organisers as they navigate and explore more sustainable ways of working.