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Sustainability and Brands in an Important Period of Social Change

Ad Club

The Bulb’s Founder and CEO, Selina Donald, joined Ad Club Insider to share her thoughts on Sustainability and Brands.

“We’re in an important period of social change. Voices that have previously gone unheard are now taking center stage, from school girls igniting an environmental movement to social injustices and inequalities highlighted through demonstrations across the globe. It’s important for brands to use their voice to highlight what matters to them, what they value and authentically evidence this through action. It really is what brands do that matters.

“Marketers have an opportunity to use the global reach of brands to connect with consumers on the topics they deeply care about. As an agency, we’ve long recognized the power of events to bring people together; to educate, empower and inspire through experience; and how we can harness content and connection to bring about change in the world.”

You can read the full Q&A here



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