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March 2023

The Greenest Bulb in the Box

Exhibition World -The Greenest Bulb in the Box
Our Founder and CEO, Selina Donald spoke with Exhibition World’s Catie Owen following her talk at IBTM Barcelona.   Selina updated Catie on the progress of The Bulb, the achievements of the Birmingham 2022 Ceremonies and how we can keep audiences engaged with sustainability.

“Businesses should reframe sustainability as the best opportunity they’ll ever have to showcase their creativity and innovation… We have the opportunity to transform the way that we think and innovate in a more sustainable way, which will impact future generations, make us healthier, and the world better. Businesses need to grasp this opportunity now while they can be at the forefront of it.

“We’ve had the industrial revolution, the digital revolution, and now we’re moving into the sustainable revolution – businesses that don’t get on board with that will be left behind.”

You can read the full interview here



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