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Guest Blog: Selina Donald, Founder at The Bulb, on Accelerating Towards a Circular Future

“The journey to circularity requires a collective shift in mindsets and behaviours. We’ve risen to many creative challenges in the past, now is the time to apply that thinking to the climate crisis.

“Every set build, every product package, every attendee journey is an opportunity to plan a positive impact. Or not. Will we as an industry continue to take more than our share from the Earth’s resources, borrowing from future generations?

“Now is the time to innovate and think circular. This is our moment as an industry. Let’s grab it.”

The full blog can be viewed here



The Bulb x TRO

The Bulb x TRO - The Bulb are delighted to be working with the amazing team at TRO.
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Selina Donald: Keynote Speaker for the C&IT Sustainability Forum 2023

The Bulb's CEO and Founder, Selina Donald, is a keynote speaker for C&IT's Sustainability Forum 2023.
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Selina Donald Moderates Expert Panels at British Land Event

Selina Donald moderates two expert panels for British Land: The Power of Collaboration event, discussing Environmental and Social Sustainability.