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March 2023

How to make events more accessible for 2023 and beyond

How to make events more accessible for 2023 and beyond

Sharing her experiences, advice and thoughts about event design best practices and inclusivity, our Sustainability Manager, Meg Strahle spoke with Stand Out Magazine about how events can be made more accessible for 2023 and beyond.

“Though you might not even notice it, accessibility is everywhere in our lives. Have you ever turned on subtitles to watch your favourite show on Netflix, utilised an ‘open door’ button with your hands full, easily rolled your suitcase onto a bus or train, or depended on Siri or Alexa? These are examples of accessibility that are incorporated into the day-to-day. They are designed for people with disabilities but they benefit us all.”

You can read the full article here



The Bulb Provides Update on Growth and Turnover

As reported in M&IT Magazine, The Bulb announced it is set to celebrate its most successful year to date, with turnover expected to triple in 2024.

‘Can the Events Sector Truly Become a Zero-Waste Industry?’

On the United Nations' International Day of Zero Waste 2024, The Bulb's Sustainability Consultant, Jennifer Reilly, argues that the events industry must continue to strive towards zero waste goals to…

The Bulb – Four Power 50 Green Champions for 2023!

The Bulb are delighted to have four Power 50 Green Champions for 2023.