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I’m deaf, but it’s the event industry that can’t hear. How can it be more inclusive?

I’m deaf, but it’s the event industry that can’t hear. How can it be more inclusive?

Meg Strahle, Assistant Sustainability Advisor at Momentum- and Sustainability Manager at The Bulb – investigates how brands can do better through making events more accessible.

“When the pandemic hit and events became 100% virtual, there was no captioning available for most events. I was fatigued from spending my entire day online in meetings or events with no support. People don’t understand that listening and working to be included in conversations takes considerable energy.

“Nearly three years later, there are some virtual platforms that have captioning for events, but not nearly enough. Personally, I’m at a point in my life and in my events career where I’m happy to not attend events if their producers can’t make them accessible, or to leave if an event falls short of promised accessibility. Others may not feel able to do the same.”

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