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Meg Strahle Joins Green Careers Festival Panel

The Bulb’s Sustainability Consultant, Meg Strahle, was delighted to be in attendance at the University of Cambridge’s Green Careers Festival.

Hosted by Henrietta Hunter (Senior Consultant at SB+CO), Meg joined fellow panellists, Ben Barrett (Sustainability Consultant – working with Union Cycliste Internationale and International Olympic Committee), Taylor Foody (Social Value Project Manager at Social Value Portal) and Jui Gangan (Business Advisor, Khadi London) to discuss,’How to become a sustainability consultant without a STEM degree.’

“As the world comes to grips with the mounting urgency of the climate crisis, government bodies, NGOs and businesses need sustainability consultants to help measure their impact on the environment and recommend strategies to reduce it. The sustainability consulting industry has boomed in recent years, with lots of opportunities for young professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines.”

To find out more about this Green Careers Festival panel, please click here:



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