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Should Marketers Take Responsibility for the Climate Crisis?

Creative Brief

Selina Donald joined a discussion on the responsibility for the climate crisis, and how influential the advertising, marketing and creative industries were.

“The marketing industry not only works with every industry in the world, but it has the power and platform to reach every consumer.  We’re an industry of influence, and we have to take responsibility for the carbon impacts of the products we promote, the behaviours we encourage and the stories we create.   A recent study confirmed that advertising influenced emissions have risen by 11% since 2019, despite our deepening understanding of the climate crisis.

The IPCC said that behaviour change could cut up to 70% of emissions by 2050.  It’s time that we changed the narrative, reducing consumption instead of promoting, using our client’s powerful platforms and brands to educate and empower consumers to make more sustainable lifestyle choices.  Having a positive environmental impact has to be at the core of every decision we make moving forward.”

The full article can be found here

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