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Sustainable fashion marketplace, Staiy invited The Bulb to be part of their 2020 edit.

We shared our company aim: “to highlight and educate people on the issues of sustainability in event planning, and provide people with tools to produce more sustainable events”, as well as “empower them to create brilliant sustainable and creative events and to show them that the two can go together (not at the detriment of the other).”

Staiy provides a marketplace for those wanting sustainable, high quality clothing and accessories. All brands are vetted to ensure they align with Staiy’s values, they state:

“Lifestyle of the future is a culture. A culture that is founded on sustainability, innovation, quality, and necessity. We want to be a destination for this culture. From fashion to beauty to living. We want to establish practices of this culture and inspire people to see the value in this lifestyle. We want our customers to know that Staiy’s lifestyle is accessible and available to everyone. Staiy Edit is a destination to find the best sustainable practices, tips, and inspiring stories about our culture. We want to position ourselves as educators and share what we know with our incredible and inspiring community.”

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